Are Web sites Relevant?

Jan 4 | by admin

With all the blogs, social networking sites and mobile phone applications available today, will businesses still need a Web site in the future? According to my chat with the CEO of Mashable, Pete Cashmore, the answer is definitely, YES.

Mashable Event with Pete Cashmore and Kiki Vassoler

Photo Courtesy of 92YTribeca

I was still a little skeptical of Pete’s response, but this is the social media guru of the 21st century…creator of one of the top 10 blogs in the world. So, I pressed the question. Are the innovations in technology and social networking sites pushing Web sites from necessary to static relics of the past? After all, some businesses are working from their mobile phones, setting up social networking site profiles and communities, such as Ning, and even a blog can replace a Web site, right? Pete’s sums it up best…You will always need a Web site as your HUB!

So, with that, the Pitchmedia’s Web site HUB was in the works. We wanted to embrace the latest technology with balance, movement and simplicity of design. Hames Design started by giving us a new logo specifically for our social networking sites. They also designed a new Web site which includes this blog, pitchmedia tv, and our social networking sites.
The new social media friendly pitchmedia logo
The mobile phone applications, Flash components, and programming of the entire Pitchmedia Web site were flawless thanks to the programmer and designer at Sciro Design. Our wish list was long and we thank you both for meeting the challenge. We would also like to thank photographers: Chris Marksbury, Paul Sky and Crystal Furlonge.

Please take a look at the Pitchmedia Web site at and post your comments here or on our Facebook fan page at The Pitchmedia iPhone app is next. Build yours on iSites created by Genwi! Find out what inspires us in posts by our team and guest bloggers.

Kiki Vassoler, president and founder of Pitchmedia.

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